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Each marketing campaign for every home is mindfully tailored to your individual residence to ensure results through maximum exposure reaching domestic and international audiences.

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Crafted Marketing Campaign
Maximum Exposure
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Our team of experts have decades of combined sales experience.

Meet the professionals who call Argo home.

Lian Lebret

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Daniel Amell

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Noah Kaplan

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Cameron Culver

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Tiffany Ong

Lic. Associate R.E. Broker, LivNY


Ronald Hornsby

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Rafi Moskowitz

Management Coordinator & Sales Agent


Linda Lepson

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Jorge Mejia

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Jorge L. Mejia

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Jodi Nath

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Eric Bottomley

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Coco Dorneanu

Lic. Associate R.E. Broker, LivNY


Christian Smith

Licensed Real Estate Advisor


Charles Kriegel

Lic. Associate R.E. Broker


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The New York real estate market is constantly changing. With the Argo team we can guarantee you will be kept up to date with all the most relevant data. Whether it be supplying you with quarterly market reports, gathering updates on local laws, or guiding you to the newest hotspots in your neighborhood, we’re here for you.

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