Murray Hill

What to expect:

  • Dive, cocktail, and wine bars creating the lively nightlife
  • Parisian cuisine and Indian restaurants
  • Close proximity to Koreatown


Murray Hill is a residential neighborhood located on the east side of Manhattan in New York City. Bordered by Midtown to the north and Kips Bay to the south, it is known for its beautiful historic architecture, tree-lined streets, and diverse community. One of the most notable features of Murray Hill is its wide range of architectural styles. The neighborhood is home to a mix of pre-war buildings, modern high-rises, and beautiful brownstones. Many of the historic buildings in the area have been well-preserved, with intricate detailing and elegant facades. Murray Hill is also known for its bustling commercial district along Lexington Avenue, which is home to numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops. The area is particularly popular for its excellent selection of Indian restaurants, as well as its trendy bars and lounges. Despite its proximity to Midtown and its busy commercial district, Murray Hill manages to maintain a sense of community and charm. The neighborhood is home to several parks, including the popular East River Esplanade, which offers stunning views of the river and the city skyline. In addition to its beautiful architecture and vibrant commercial district, Murray Hill is also known for its cultural attractions. The neighborhood is home to several museums and galleries, including the Morgan Library & Museum and the Scandinavia House. Overall, Murray Hill is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood that offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern sophistication. Its beautiful architecture, bustling commercial district, and strong sense of community make it a popular destination for those looking for a dynamic and engaging lifestyle in the heart of the city.

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