Hudson Yards

What to expect:

  • The Vessel, The Highline
  • Hudson River waterfront
  • More planned development to come!


Hudson Yards is a modern, up-and-coming neighborhood located on the West Side of Manhattan in New York City. It is bordered by 30th Street to the south, 42nd Street to the north, the Hudson River to the west, and Eighth Avenue to the east. The area is known for its sleek, high-rise buildings, trendy restaurants, and luxury shopping destinations. Hudson Yards is one of the newest neighborhoods in New York City and has undergone a major transformation in recent years. The neighborhood is home to several iconic landmarks, including the Vessel, a 16-story climbable structure, and the Edge, a glass-floor observation deck located 1,100 feet above the ground. The neighborhood is a major commercial and residential hub, with a mix of modern high-rise buildings, luxury condominiums, and apartments. The area is home to several of New York City’s top businesses, including the headquarters of many major corporations. Hudson Yards is also known for its excellent dining and shopping options. The neighborhood is home to several high-end shopping destinations, including the Shops at Hudson Yards, which features a range of luxury retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Louis Vuitton. The area also offers a variety of dining options, from trendy rooftop bars to Michelin-starred restaurants. In addition to its commercial offerings, Hudson Yards also boasts several green spaces, including Hudson Park and Boulevard, which provides a pedestrian-friendly connection to the nearby High Line park. Overall, Hudson Yards is a modern and vibrant neighborhood that offers a unique blend of luxury living, commercial opportunities, and cultural attractions. Its iconic landmarks, trendy restaurants, and high-end shopping destinations make it a popular destination for both tourists and residents alike.

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